Probiotic Workshop at Susubory Academy 10/6/2012

This workshop on probiotics was one of the relaxed ones. We have met at Susubori Academy, starting around 17:30 with a short presentation about my travels in Central and Northern America and Europe and what type of fermentation projects I have been involved in there.

Next step was tasting. First we have tried the kefir ferment, which was “the culture of the focus” of this meeting. We talked about the origin (Caucasus mountains) and history of kefir and its beneficial activities and differences compared to the yogurt. Some of the participants took home the culture which was great!  The next taster was the a Larry’s cooler which is a drink based on kefir whey (liquid drained part of the kefir ferment) culture therefore lactic fermentation of brown sugar and in this case flavour was added by steeping 3 bags of earl grey tea. Most of the people considered the result tasty so you are welcome to try to brew it by yourself, link to the blog post about the “unflavoured” version is here.

After that we have moved to the practical part and one group was harvesting and making a new batch of kefir when second group started to prepare special fermented dish “livance” which is very similar to pancakes but more fluffy. We have prepared strawberry/kefir variation and honey based version, both of them disappearing very quickly.

After the “break” we tasted some kombucha beverage. The long expected ginger beer was served with livance and it was enjoyed greatly. We have moved to the practical demonstration when we did two five litre batches of the ferment as a group based on the recipe posted here with ginger concentration being around 3.5% (w/v) therefore 180 g per batch (cleaned and blended). The brews were finished quite pretty fast and left to ferment at Susubori at room temperature.

We have just relaxed after that and talked a bit discussing fermentation in general and also what to do on the next meetings. The date was not challenged so next meeting is going to happen on Sunday 17th of June at Susubori Academy starting around 16:00, please see the web page here for directions

And the best at the end. We have received 20 000 won in donations up to now (not including the snacks which Benjamin and his friend brought in and which we really nice!) which has covered our expenses for the workshop. It is hard to say exactly what are exactly the costs because all the different experiments which are on going and ingredients which were used just partly etc. But we are on the safe, plus side for sure. I hope we will be able to build up nice and strong budget for our future activities which would be great to have on line based and transparent, because I think that it works the best.

Once more thanks to everyone for coming, it was really nice.

I hope to see you next week on the more gathering style event where it would be more chat and taste based with variou people introducing their fermentation “successes” and the people who are new being inspired by their art.


Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck

~ by algoldor on June 11, 2012.

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