Workshop – Kvasirs HSS 24/5/2012

This workshop was mostly about harvesting previously brewed ginger beers (19/5/2012, for more details please click here). We have therefore tasted all the beverages, strained and bottled them and left to ferment at room temperature for another 1-2 days for the spark to develop.

GB III. (alcoholic brewer’s yeast based ginger beer, dark rich sugar). – nice rich flavour, alcoholic, like “burcak”, harvested – GB III. 24/5/2012
GB IV. (non alcoholic, kefir whey based ginger beer, dark rich sugar) – bit acidic, bit of sugar added and harvested/battled – GB IV. 24/5/2012
GB V. (non alcoholic, water kefir based ginger beer, white sugar) – very light, should be sweeter, white sugar added and batch harvested, GB V. 24/5/2012

In the meanwhile Beryl started to prepare some really nice light alcoholic cocktails using probiotic ingredients among the others, some of the recipes are here.

“Number One”:

– about 4 parts ginger beer to 1 part pineapple juice
– a dollop of unseparated kefir
– a slug of vodka
– blended
– a large pinch of brown sugar added to taste.
– blended again.
– tasting crew: drained super fast, delicious!

“Banana Fanana faizer”:
– half a banana
– a splash of kefir
– a goodly amount of ginger beer
– a generous couple of measures of soju
– half a tumbler of liquid from the pressed ginger filtrate
– blended
– a handful of brown sugar to taste
– blended again
– magically disappeared within seconds 🙂

We have also to soaked and cooked rice to prepare Makgeolli however due to the time constraints the addition of nuruk and therefore start up of the culture was done the next day, more info will be posted later on.

Once more thanks to Stewart and Beryl for coming, let’s see what we are going to be up to next time!


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