And again Ginger beers 19/5/2012

This post is a repetition of the ginger beer experiments with a focus on the alcoholic ginger beer and also development of light variation.

Ingredients (culture volume (Vc) = 5 l):

baker’s yeast  (- +-0.5% (w/v); 25 g) (species of Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
dark rich brown sugar (14.6% (w/v);  730 g)
blended  ginger (+-4% (w/v);  200 g)
distilled water which we aerated for 1-2 minutes by shaking vigorously

The procedure is identical with the previous Ginger Beer preparation on 16/5/2012 and you can learn more about that here.


– the alcoholic ginger beer started to ferment vigorously within first 10 hours

– the brew was tasted on the next day and the alcoholic flavour could be felt a bit already, but the batch was still very sweet

– the brew was harvested on 24/5/2012 (after +- 120 hours) still fermenting vigorously. The flavour was nice and alcoholic and still quite sweet

– the slurry was strained and bottled (two two litres plastic bottles) and kept to secondary ferment for next two days

– the bottles were transferred to the fridge and left to mature

– one of the bottles was opened and tasted on the Seoul Moonshiners meeting on 27/5/2012 and was very appreciated having a really nice complex flavour based on the molasses, sharp ginger flavour and nice fizz

  • Non alcoholic Ginger Beer – based on kefir whey (GB IV. 19/5/2012)

– new batch started based on recipe used before, for more information  please see here ; (+-2% (v/v) of kefir whey (kept at cold); 6% (w/v) brown sugar; 4% (w/v) blended fresh ginger; Vc = 4.5 l (plastic wide mouth container); tap water used, well aerated (1-2 min shaking))

– the brew was left to ferment at room temperature


– the brew tasted on 24/5/2012 and it was a “bit over the top/acidic” at that time

– it was strained, bottled and left to secondary ferment to build up the fizz

– it was moved to the fridge on 25th of May

– it was drank on Seoul Moonshiners meeting on 27/5/2012 and enjoyed. Some of the participants preferred this brew too the alcoholic one, noting the big difference of the flavour between two of them

  • Non Alcoholic Ginger Beer – water kefir culture based GB V. 19/5/2012

– this brew was prepared in order to try to get as light ginger beer drink as possible compared to the richer dark sugar milk kefir whey based culture, white sugar and water kefir culture were used therefore

– because of the low amount of water kefir grains, the liquid resulting from water kefir fermentation of brown sugar was used instead

– batch details: culture volume (Vc) = 3 l; – +-6%(w/v) 180 g of white sugar; +-3% (w/v) 90 g of blended ginger and  tap water; plastic narrow mouth container used as a fermentation vessel

– the brew was left to ferment at room temperature without access of the air


– the brew was tasted on the next HSS Kvasirs meeting on 24/5/2012, being very light but tasty

– additional white sugar (+-30 g) were added and the brew was strained, bottled and let to ferment at room temperature for the spark to develop

– it was transferred to the fridge on 27/5/2012 and tasted the same day at Seoul Moonshiners meeting, not being as popular as the other two ginger beers versions probably because of it’s dryness.


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