Kombucha culture preparation 4/5/2012 (14:00)


After being lonely for so long I have finally received a kombucha SCOBY from one of the local fermentation enthusiasts Becca, many thanks! This SCOBY has two layers each of approximately 6-8 mm of thickness and 10-12 cm in diameter. The cellulose matrix was of compact and sturdy composition, with even surface of light yellowish to whitish colour which I consider being signs of good health of stable culture. The smell was slightly acidic with bit of fruity aroma, the final beverage tasted slightly sour and was a little bit sparkling, it was enjoyable.


Vc = 2 l of culture/brew volume
2 layers of kombucha SCOBY (6-8 mm of thickness and 10-12 cm in diameter)
+- 150 ml (7.5% (v/v)) of kombucha brew (previous batch)
+-120 g (6% (w/v)) of dark rich brown sugar
2 tea bags (4 g (0.2% (w/v))) of darjeeling tea (light flavour)
+-2 l tap water


– here is the detailed procedure how to make kombucha which I have followed and here is it’s shorter version
– the 2 l of culture were left to grow in a wide mouth glass container at room temperature covered by cheesecloth (#1) allowing therefore both aerobic respiration and fermentation
– this brew of kombucha should be ready to harvest and bottled around Wednesday with additional 1-2 days for secondary fermentation


#1 – After approximately 44 hours from starting the brew the SCOBY was still in the middle of the water column rather than on the top. This could be because of various factors, slow metabolism of the yeasts and therefore low production of carbon dioxide which is being trapped in the SCOBY making it float (my and my friends theory) could be one of them.


~ by algoldor on May 6, 2012.

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