Water kefir (granos tibicos) brew 3/5/2012

First I harvested a water kefir grain based batch which I started on 26/4/2012 (+- 15 g (2 table spoons)(0.3% (w/v) of water kefir grains; 300 g (+-6% (w/v)) of dark rich brown sugar and 5 l tap water resulting in 5 l of the culture Vc = 5 l).

Today(16:00 3/5/2012 ) I have started a new batch of water kefir, ratios and basic procedure described below.


Vc = 3 l of culture/brew volume
+- 15 g (0.5% (w/v)) of water kefir grains from previous batch
+- 100 ml (3.33% (w/v)) of water kefir brew (previous batch)
+-180 g (6% (w/v)) of dark rich brown sugar
+-3 l tap water
anaerobic fermentation in plastic (3 l) container at

room temperature


The grains which I use I got in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam from my friend Webmind. They are tiny but potent, fermenting the brew to a tasty drink as fast as 24 hours resulting in a light, metallic and fizzy refreshing drink which is great for hot days especially. I would like to get bigger sized grains and possibly “breed” these two cultures together (#1).

For this brew I used approximately: 180 g of dark rich brown sugar (#2), 15 g (two tablespoons) of water kefir grains (#3) with 100 ml of previous brew and usual tap water which I have added directly into the brew.

The basic procedure is

– dissolve the brown sugar in a hot water (1/4th of the final volume of the added water)
– add 2/4ths of cold water to cool down and to dilute the solution/medium (so the osmotic pressure is not too high for the microbes)
– taste the brew for sweetness and temperature
– add water kefir grains and starter liquid from the previous brew
– close the container and label it properly
– transfer to the warm place (15-25°C) for further fermentation, oscillating temperature recommended
– write everything down into the log
– transfer on-line and add the photos etc.
– make your plan to harvest and prepare next batch (#4) in 2-3 days based on temperature

NOTES (3/5/2012)

#1 – Two years ago I was able to get water kefir grains in Mexico, Chiapas from La Universidad de la Tiearra (Centro Indígena de Capacitación Integral (CIDECI) in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, which I have been told to originate from Madre Teresa di Calcutta and were donated during her visit to the Mexican people to help to fight the diarrhea, which is suppose to be the second highest cause of death in the region (Chiapas) especially among the infants and elderly. Some of these grains were size of my thumb so really big, clear transparent, very efficient in their fermentation (once brewed with dark sugar they turned brownish) and very easy to handle.

#2 – Bought in E-mart, darkest type which I have found up to now in Seoul, 1 kg = 1890 won

#3 – I think that the amount of the grains is too small  for 3 l brew. The culture volume should be decreased to +- 1 l for several batches/cycles before the grains multiply sufficiently.

#4 – hot infusion of black tea should be added into the future brews, because based on some scientific reports it has stimulating effect on microbes and their activity (I have to find the article again).


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