Seoul Moonshiners Distilling meating 29/4/2012


Distillery hands on workshop at Susubori Academy with Seoul Moonshiners

The Seoul Moonshiners is a new group founded by brewing and distillery enthusiasts Becca Baldwin and her husband Ad af’ Adabeie and “it is based around the art and exploration of distilled liquors. We will meet on a regular basis to share recipes, share challenges, and discuss techniques of creating alcohol with common ingredients.”

The challenge of the second meeting of this group was to distill the brew which was started a month ago on the meeting number one. The equipment needed for both brewing and distillation was generously provided by Susubori Academy as was the place in the fermentation room for the brews to ferment, many thanks to it’s manager Hyojin Jo! The ingredients were brought by the participants, so where the snacks and various beverages for tasting. We used two types of distillation stills, for more info please see the photos.

Below is an info about the brown sugarturbo yeast experimental fermentation batch which I prepared for the next meeting which will happen on the last Sunday of May at 12:00 again at Susubori Academy. Please excuse some of the missing info, it will be corrected later on.

Batch Name – Brown sugar slurry (bss)

culture volume (Vc) = 5 l


water – purified water produced by ???  approximately V = 5 l

sugar – light to medium brown sugar, w = 1 kg (20% (w/v))

turbo yeast, w = 22.5 g (0.45% (w/v))


5 l wide mouth plastic container
stainless steel bowl (capacity +- 7 l)
stainless steel spoon
stainless steel electric water kettle
laboratory scales (???accuracy, type???)
stainless steel scissors
cleaning spray with rubbing alcohol (???concentration)
cellulose based tissue paper
weighing dish (plastic)
cleaning sponge LINK
detergent LINK


– clean your working bench by sponge with mixed water detergent solution
– clean your working bench and equipment which you are to use by spraying water solution of rubbing alcohol (ratio 60% alcohol???) and dry it by the tissue papers
– start to heat up 1 l of dH2O in the water kettle
– transfer 1 kg of brown sugar into the stainless steel bowl
– add approximately 1 l of hot dH2O
– mix the solution until the sugar dissolves forming dark syrup
– add approximately 2 l of cold dH2O to the syrup to dilute it and cool it down
– transfer the cooled down mixture into the plastic container (use funnel if not sure)
– add another 0.5 to 1 l of cold dH2O
– weigh out 22.5 g of turbo yeast mix on the laboratory scales using the weigh dish
– measure the temperature of the syrup
– if below 35°C add the turbo yeast and mix properly
– cover the container with lid and let stand for 5-10 minutes
– mix the brew again and close it this time leaving the lid loose so the carbon dioxide which is going to be produced can escape (or preferably use air lock)
– label the fermentation vessel with the sticker with the name of the brew, types of ingredients, percentages/ratio of the sugar content (weight per volume), your name, date and contact information
– transfer to the fermentation room aiming for 25°C constant temperature
– make sure that you have all the data written down properly in your fermentation diary
– transfer all the data into the electronic form, add edited pictures/videos/audio etc.
– post on line into your electronic fermentation diary and share!
– continue in a month time with the distillation


– I have added the yeast at approximately 40°C which may be too high for the yeast to survive
– the fermentation container has a wide mouth without an air lock. The wide mouth is better for handling the brew especially if firm particles are present, however I would like to use the airlock next time.

Kyle’s experiment

Brew was prepared on 25th of March from brown sugar – brown sugar slurry (bss), culture volume (Vc) = 25 l


water – purified water produced by ???  approximately V = 25 l

sugar – light to medium brown sugar, w = 8 kg (32% (w/v))

turbo yeast, w = 22.5 g (0.54% (w/v))

Procedure of brew preparation

As described above

Brew/slurry distillation – first run – data

25 l of brown sugar brew were distilled at temperature of around 85°C resulting in 2880 ml of 58% ethanol (v/v). In addition 60 ml of “head” (LINK) were discharged and ??? ml of tail.


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